Castlehouse are on site in Sheffield and we are taking the lead to be a Considerate Contractor making a commitment to carry out our construction activity with the greatest care and consideration.

Registering with the scheme helps us focus our social value objectives as well as it being a fantastic way of monitoring our progress whilst on site at Malin Bridge.

By supporting the local Sheffield community near the site, through the way we operate and by association with CCS is a sign of our commitment to making our customers’ and their communities’ lives easier.

It is of huge benefit to us because the scheme helps us create a positive image of our services and the construction industry as well as support our focus of working with people at a local community level.

We look forward to continuing to work with CCS throughout our time on site at Lidl, Malin Bridge to ensure we continue that positive service, not only within the site but also outside the site within the local environmental and community too.